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A-Hoy There!


Set sail on a giant imaginary ship as you design a ship of your own!

There will be an upcoming contest.  Everyone will get a certificate with YOUR NAME on it!

Your’s will be given feedback on how GREAT it is.  Sent in a picture of your ship, with your name on it, e-mail it to me and then your ship will be in the page called, CONTESTS!

My e-mail:

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The Invention Convention


We are going to this invention convention! It is for kids who sign up and send in an invention they invented of their own. I want to enter next year.

It’s a contest. We are going to see the entries that got accepted in the first round. I think it is called the invention convention because this is the weekend of the homeschool convention. I’ll post some pictures of the entries too!

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Some info on Cool Websites!


Hey guys!

We were working on my sister’s (Rachel’s) website.  She wants more customers.  We found this cool site called:  AG Doll Play that has twenty links to different doll sites like clay food, clothes and more!  We asked her if she could mention Rachel’s site on her’s.  Hoping to hear back from her soon!


Rachel had a sale on he’s site of all products of six dollars and under starting on May 5!

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Guinea Pigs


What had fur, is a rodent, and snuggles with you? Can’t guess? A guinea pig!

Guinea Pigs are smart. They are great pets for kids! I am bothering my mom to get one. I love them so much! With my new scroll saw I could make it a playground! I would teach it how to play basket ball just like the rats at Cosi. (Cosi is a super cool science museum in Columbus!)


read the post: Here’s a Speech! for a speech on pets!

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Thomas Edison


I love reading!  I especially love one series, the ‘who was’ series.  My favorite, is Thomas Edison.

Edison was actually competing against another man, for which form of electricity would win.  Edison said we could just hook up wires to every room for electricity and light.  The other man said it was foolish to hook up every room with wires.  He voted for his electric machine, and have everyone put one in their backyard.  I saw one!  Three reasons why we didn’t use it.  First, that it is very dangerous.  Second, it is really loud.  Third, if you had a metal fence, you would immediately get an electric fence instead.

This was very fun to learn.  I love to learn things, especially about electricity and inventors combined.

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A Cool Math Lesson


Today in math, I am homeschooled, I learned something cool.  Since my sister had done it before and my dad helped her, it was really easy!  The question was:

Herb, Ann and Sandy cross from one bluff to another in a basket on a rope.  The basket can carry 160 pounds.  Herb weighs 100 pounds; Ann weighs 70 pounds; and Sandy weighs 85 pounds.  How can all three cross safely? Hint: Each time the basket crosses to a bluff, someone must bring it back so another person can cross.

Comment the answer.  Don’t look at the comment with the name Julia Hocker, it has the answers!  My mom couldn’t even do it!

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A Trip To Colorado


I went to Colorado with my family! We went skiing at Coper Mountain. It was super fun, but cold. If you ever go there I recommend getting warm gloves, under armer and hand warmers. On our last day, it was 10 degrees! My hands froze. Then there was a day with blizzard conditions. At one point, you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of you!

We went for a day to see some relatives. My Aunt Connie taught us how to draw spectacular faces. She’s an artist. We went to C.P.K, a delicious pizza kitchen with them.

I really enjoyed going to Colorado, hopefully we can go again soon.

Photo on 2-28-15 at 12.52 PM #2

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Yes, no and why!


Here are our questions for today!

1. Is an orca (a killer whale) a dolphin, or a whale?

2. Baleen Whales have teeth.

P.S. Don’t cheat!

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Make a Telephone!


You need:


two paper bowls

a long string

a paperclip


You poke a hole at the bottom of each cup, then pull the string through. Tie a knot at each end of string that you poked through so that it doesn’t pop out of the cup. Now go outside, and don’t let the string touch anything. Put one cup to your ear and tell another person to hold the other cup to their mouth. Then they speak into the cup and you’re supposed to hear it! (The sound will be a little muffled.)


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