Molly, Julia’s American Girl Doll

Molly; Hello, my name is Molly! I am Julia’s American Girl doll. I like cake and candy. I like to go to They have the best tasting food you ever tried! My favorite food there are the pancakes! They taste soooo good! I have them everyday for breakfast! I love my dogs, Meatloaf, Pepper, […]

How I made up my logo

I wanted something to do with writing, inventing and inspiring. Then it came to me. A lightbulb holding a piece of paper saying: Writing Inventing Inspiring. I drew it and loved it so much I decided to use it.

My New Logo!

How to make a fairy garden

you need: round bowl top soil clover grass Piece of wood. 2″ round Take the round bowl and fill it with top soil. Water it for a week. Plant grass, clover and keep watering. Soon you’ll start to see mos. Cut the grass every two days. Then pluck some grass to make a small area. Then […]


Hey – I just learned how to make a link.  Here is my sister’s website and here is my dad’s    


  House cats are very fragile. Compared to a dog, they are a lot smaller. All cats are different from each other, some are fierce, nice, soft, or wild! Lions are the most fierce animal of all the land animals, besides hyenas. But they al are alike. Cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world, […]

The Miniature Cafe

My sister Made an e-commerce site. She makes clay food for American Girl Dolls, its the best. Here are some pictures of her food! To find out more go to:


  We went to Woodlock on vacation and it was so fun. We went with some of our cousins!

The Dice Lesson

  Remember my post about the dice?  So my dad said, “ok so how many times can you role the number two?” “Hmm? Once?” “Correct. Now how many times can you role three?” “Twice!” “Correct. Now four.” “Three times.” I said. “Correct again. Now five.” “Four times!” So the number kept raising upuntil my dad said, […]

Writing Article

I love writing! I write story after story after story after story. Writing is fun. I haven’t published anything yet, but I know I’m going to!

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