Paris Pictures

    Here are some more pics of Paris!

I went to Paris!

This year I went to Paris with my family. We saw the Arch du Triumph and the Eiffel Tour. We saw Monet’s house and garden to! I also made a Movie about two stuffed animal Mice go to Paris. Hopefully I can post it soon !

Super Kitty and the Water

Hi guys! I made a movie called Super Kitty, which is why I called my blog Super Kitty Studio! I am a regular girl, but then when someone needs help, I run to the pantry and my cat and me become one. I fly to the rescue! It has a slip-n-slide in it too! Sorry […]

Yes, no and why!

Write a comment on this writing.   One kind of theropod dinosaur. How many stages are in a frog’s life?   Comment your answers!

Saying #1

When you pray, you move a step forward.

2015’s Phrase

Every year I am going to post my new phrase picture and phrase. Here it is. Make one of your own!

Animal Whisperer

I made a story and don’t know how to finish it. Please read the story first then comment on an idea for the story. (Also do NOT copy this story. Thank you!   Chapter One Peter Discovers his Talent   Once upon a time there was a village in the country of England.   Peter Edwards lived […]

Rabbit Hill (Robert Lawson)

Rabbit Hill   This is a book report on the book Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson written in 1944. Rabbit Hill is a fictional book about animals living in Connecticut in the 1940’s.   The story takes place when little Georgie, a rabbit and the main character, comes running into the burrow telling his father […]

Snow Treasure (Marie McSwigan)

Snow Treasure By Marie McSwigan This is a book report on Snow Treasure.  The genre of the story is realistic fiction.  This story is about children in Norway who risk their lives during World War II by sledding past Nazi Soldiers with gold bullion hidden on their sleds.  I found this story very exciting to […]

Ben and Me (By Robert Lawson)

Ben and Me This is a book report on Ben and Me written and illustrated by Robert Lawson in 1939. This story written from a mouse’s perspective, and its about a friendship between Benjamin Franklin and Amos, the mouse. Throughout the book, Ben’s inventions are inspirations by Amos. One time he says historians are puzzled […]

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