The Invention Convention

We are going to this invention convention! It is for kids who sign up and send in an invention they invented of their own. I want to enter next year. It’s a contest. We are going to see the entries that got accepted in the first round. I think it is called the invention convention […]

Some info on Cool Websites!

Hey guys! We were working on my sister’s (Rachel’s) website.  She wants more customers.  We found this cool site called:  AG Doll Play that has twenty links to different doll sites like clay food, clothes and more!  We asked her if she could mention Rachel’s site on her’s.  Hoping to hear back from her soon! P.S. […]

Guinea Pigs

What had fur, is a rodent, and snuggles with you? Can’t guess? A guinea pig! Guinea Pigs are smart. They are great pets for kids! I am bothering my mom to get one. I love them so much! With my new scroll saw I could make it a playground! I would teach it how to […]

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