2015’s Phrase

Every year I am going to post my new phrase picture and phrase. Here it is. Make one of your own! Slide1

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  • Guy the Dad

    Julia – how did you think of this? This is the right way to think about everything. I like your idea that praying and moving go together. Praying is in fact taking a step forward, not waiting for something else. It’s doing something. I also really like the idea that it’s all about movement. Sometimes we don’t see the movement because things are happening that we don’t see, but things are always moving, hearts are being changed and people are being readied. Thanks for saying this so well.

    01/25/15 – 7:16 pm

  • Kyle Romick

    I agree. Prayer is a big part of moving forward in your relationship with Christ.

    01/25/15 – 7:43 pm

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