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Ben and Me

This is a book report on Ben and Me written and illustrated by Robert Lawson in 1939.

0316517305This story written from a mouse’s perspective, and its about a friendship between Benjamin Franklin and Amos, the mouse. Throughout the book, Ben’s inventions are inspirations by Amos. One time he says historians are puzzled by the way Ben knows what’s going on in other’s minds, but it’s really thanks to Amos.

The most important part of the book is the relationship.  First of all, the mouse, Amos, is able to speak to Ben, as he calls him, but nobody else can understand him.  They meet on a cold night, when Amos finds Ben writing by firelight.  They become instant friends.  Through the many adventures of Benjamin Franklin’s life, Amos is there with him.  Ben wears an old fur cap and Amos rides along in it all the time.  In most of the adventures, Amos gives advice to Ben.  Amos even says that while people would say that Ben could read other people’s minds, it was really Amos who was telling him their thoughts.

One important part of an inspiration is when Amos tells Ben that in the church he used to live in, there was a nut seller. When a nut dropped, Amos’s father would bring it to the church for the warmth and the family could sit around it. This gave Ben the idea for the Franklin Stove that sits in the middle of a room. Another important part is when Ben goes to France to ask the French for help to win the fight for freedom. There, Amos meets a lady mouse whose children are captured in the Palace of Versailles. Amos fights the white mice of the palace and reunites the mice family in America.  This is important because it connects Amos and Ben in a fight for freedom.

I liked this book because I like to invent things, like Ben, and I love animals, like Amos.



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