Rabbit Hill (Robert Lawson)

Rabbit Hill   This is a book report on the book Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson written in 1944. Rabbit Hill is a fictional book about animals living in Connecticut in the 1940’s.   The story takes place when little Georgie, a rabbit and the main character, comes running into the burrow telling his father […]

Snow Treasure (Marie McSwigan)

Snow Treasure By Marie McSwigan This is a book report on Snow Treasure.  The genre of the story is realistic fiction.  This story is about children in Norway who risk their lives during World War II by sledding past Nazi Soldiers with gold bullion hidden on their sleds.  I found this story very exciting to […]

Ben and Me (By Robert Lawson)

Ben and Me This is a book report on Ben and Me written and illustrated by Robert Lawson in 1939. This story written from a mouse’s perspective, and its about a friendship between Benjamin Franklin and Amos, the mouse. Throughout the book, Ben’s inventions are inspirations by Amos. One time he says historians are puzzled […]

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