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Check out my new blog,, and read new posts about making movies and watch some of my films!

Yes, no and why!

Here are our questions for today! 1. Is an orca (a killer whale) a dolphin, or a whale? 2. Baleen Whales have teeth. P.S. Don’t cheat!

Be a Fan!!!!!!

Does anyone want to be a fan?! I am going to be writing a post at least once a week! Check on my blog for any new and exciting posts! P.S. (Check for any cool videos too!)

A Fun Video

Hey guys! Check out this video I made with my sister! Two are better than one

I went to Paris!

I went to paris with my granna and grampa! I loved the eiffle tour!

Molly, Julia’s American Girl Doll

Molly; Hello, my name is Molly! I am Julia’s American Girl doll. I like cake and candy. I like to go to They have the best tasting food you ever tried! My favorite food there are the pancakes! They taste soooo good! I have them everyday for breakfast! I love my dogs, Meatloaf, Pepper, […]

How I made up my logo

I wanted something to do with writing, inventing and inspiring. Then it came to me. A lightbulb holding a piece of paper saying: Writing Inventing Inspiring. I drew it and loved it so much I decided to use it.

My New Logo!

How to make a fairy garden

you need: round bowl top soil clover grass Piece of wood. 2″ round Take the round bowl and fill it with top soil. Water it for a week. Plant grass, clover and keep watering. Soon you’ll start to see mos. Cut the grass every two days. Then pluck some grass to make a small area. Then […]


Hey – I just learned how to make a link.  Here is my sister’s website and here is my dad’s    

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