The Miniature Cafe

My sister Made an e-commerce site. She makes clay food for American Girl Dolls, its the best. Here are some pictures of her food! To find out more go to:


  We went to Woodlock on vacation and it was so fun. We went with some of our cousins!

The Dice Lesson

  Remember my post about the dice?  So my dad said, “ok so how many times can you role the number two?” “Hmm? Once?” “Correct. Now how many times can you role three?” “Twice!” “Correct. Now four.” “Three times.” I said. “Correct again. Now five.” “Four times!” So the number kept raising upuntil my dad said, […]


I actually homeschool! Next year, in fourth grade, I want to do more math! Me and my dad were playing Boston in a Box when my dad taught me something about dice! It’s real cool. I didn’t even no about it! Here is the article about it!

Midnight (Kitty)

This is my cat, Midnight, or kitty. She is a stray. She is the nicest cat you ever met!

Hocking Hills

One Year we went hiking at Hocking Hills. We went with some friends. It was breath taking! You felt like you were somewhere els.    

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