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Could you share with me a story, a true one. It has to be a true nature story. Maybe you took a camping trip and encountered a bear. They will be posted into the Newspaper. I need stories for the newspaper, and if you win, I can send you the copy if you’d like. Thanks, to all of you!

DSC00972 DSC00980 DSC00974 DSC00967

I went on a trip to Hocking Hills, OH. Here are some pictures of Hocking Hills.

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My Sister’s Website Got Launched!


Hey guys! My sister’s website got launched! You can actually buy stuff! It launched on 2/7/15.


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A New Newspaper!


It’s called Nature News. It’s full of competitions for people to enter, and win awards. I’m working on it! You can win a gold and silver card, then you win the writer’s issue! Your nature story could be posted on the newspaper and win an award! Bird watcher’s has winner’s too! You read the newspaper and then find the birds listed. If you find them all, you send in a form that says you found them all and you receive an award, a golden badge.



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Here’s a Speech!


I made an animal speech. Here it is! Try to make one too!


Animals: Our Best Friends

By Julia Hocker


Animals are our best friends.  They snuggle up with you at night and meow or woof in an adorable way.  Everyone has his or her own type of pet.  From dogs, to cats, to hamsters, to mice, to even squirrels and chipmunks.  Wild animals can be our friends.  Love them.  What they need is love and a best friend.  So do we.


Feed your pet, hug your pet, love your pet because they need it.  They are in need of your friendship.  Be their best friend for life!  Be the star of their life!


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Paris Pictures




Here are some more pics of Paris!

DSCN3439 DSCN3395 RSCN3882 DSCN3767 DSCN3900 DSCN3329 DSCN3434 DSCN3498 DSCN3586

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I went to Paris!


This year I went to Paris with my family. We saw the Arch du Triumph and the Eiffel Tour. We saw Monet’s house and garden to! I also made a Movie about two stuffed animal Mice go to Paris. Hopefully I can post it soon

!DSCN3900 DSCN3395

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Super Kitty and the Water


Hi guys! I made a movie called Super Kitty, which is why I called my blog Super Kitty Studio! I am a regular girl, but then when someone needs help, I run to the pantry and my cat and me become one. I fly to the rescue! It has a slip-n-slide in it too! Sorry I don’t have it posted on my blog!

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Yes, no and why!


Write a comment on this writing.


One kind of theropod dinosaur.

How many stages are in a frog’s life?


Comment your answers!

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Saying #1


When you pray, you move a step forward.

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2015’s Phrase


Every year I am going to post my new phrase picture and phrase. Here it is. Make one of your own! Slide1

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