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I made a story and don’t know how to finish it. Please read the story first then comment on an idea for the story. (Also do NOT copy this story. Thank you!


Chapter One

Peter Discovers his Talent


Once upon a time there was a village in the country of England.   Peter Edwards lived on a farm with one sister and two parents.  Peter loved all animals including insects.  He loved to learn about them in the books he read.  He didn’t go to school so he spent a lot of his day reading.


One day he was out in the barn when he heard Rufus the dog say, “Come on, Peter. It’s been such a long time before you realized you had a wonderful talent.”  Peter jumped in surprise.  “Rufus?” he breathed.


“Yes Peter,”


“Can I talk to the others also?”


“You sure can!  They’ve been waiting too.”


Peter ran over to his pony’s stable.  “Thunder?”


“Peter!”  Thunder exclaimed, “You found your talent!  Sorry we haven’t talked to you sooner.”  “Oh that’s all right!” said Peter  “Can I ride you over to the ducks?”  “You mean Mr. and Mrs. Duck?” asked Thunder, “Sure!”


Thunder got tacked-up and rode over to the pond shouting as he ran,  “Peter found his talent guys!  Peter found his talent!”  Soon a whole parade of animals was heading down to the Lilly Pond.


That day, every animal rejoiced when he or her found out Peter Edwards had found his wonderful talent.








Chapter Two

Peter Meets the Animals


Peter had met a lot of animals that day, or at least heard their names.  Peter invited all of them up to his tree house for a little meeting ceremony.


“I want all of the animals lined up from smallest to tallest please!”  He said,  “First!”


“My name is Chipy the chipmunk.”


“Chipy, why are you called a chipmunk?”


“Because a man was a hero and helped a band of us escape when there was a chipmunk hunt. His name was Chip and he was a monk so we call ourselves after him. Chipmunk.”


“Wow! Next!”


“I am Fireball the Hawk.”


“Woah! A hawk! Next.”


“I am…….”


And many more.


“I want to form a club. We’ll call it Animal Whisperers. Does anybody want to join?” asked Peter. All of the animals raised their paws high in the air. “Good.” Said Peter, “This will be our meeting house. Let’s meet here everyday at 4:00 to 7:00. My bedtime is at 9:30 so I’ll be able to talk to you a lot.”


“Peter! Want to play?”


“That’s my friend Jake!” said Peter, “Got to go! Anyone want to come with me?”


“I do!” said Chipy, “I can ride in your shirt pocket.”


“Ok, bye!” Peter climbed down the tree eager to tell and show his friend his talent. “Jake!” he called.


“Hey buddy!” Jake said, “Woah! You have a what in your shirt pocket?” “Chipy. He’s a chipmunk and he has such a cute voice!” said Peter.


“Are you nuts! He can’t talk! Can he?”


“Yes, he can, see. Hi Chipster!”


“Peter,” said Chipy, “I don’t think he can understa…” “Peter,” said Jake, “He can’t talk. It really was a good joke though!”

Peter couldn’t believe it. Jake didn’t believe him! His best friend!


That night dinner was served early so he couldn’t play with Jake long.


“Mother,” said Grace, Peter’s older sister, “Please pass the bu……”


“Mother, I got to talk to the animals!” Peter jumped into the conversation.


“Oh really Peter. Really, I mean come on! Talk to the animals!” said Grace.


“Hold on there kiddo,” said Father, “WHAT is in your pocket?”


Peter held out Chipy and his mother screamed, “Get him out of the house! Out! Peter stop all of this!”


Peter led Chipy out of the house. But he didn’t go back in.


“Oh Chipster,” said Peter, “I can’t believe it! Is it only a fairy tale? Can you still talk to me? Please do, please do!” “I can still. Peter. I need to tell you something important. If you don’t believe anymore, you will lose your talent. Please don’t. I need you! To translate to people!” said Chipy. “Oh, I won’t, believe me!” said Peter.




The next day, when it was 4:00, Peter held an “animal meeting.” Fireball was so surprised but firm, Mr. and Mrs. Duck told him not to tell of his talent so as not to suffer, and Chipy and the mice and squirrels said it was so sad and they didn’t know what to do about it.




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Rabbit Hill (Robert Lawson)


Rabbit Hill


This is a book report on the book Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson written in 1944. Rabbit Hill is a fictional book about animals living in Connecticut in the 1940’s.


The story takes place when little Georgie, a rabbit and the main character, comes running into the burrow telling his father and mother that new folks are coming to live in the deserted house on the lot. The little animals had experienced a long time with an empty house. They liked people’s gardens, which meant no food for them.


Before the new people arrive, Little Georgie is sent to bring his Uncle Analadas to his house. Uncle Analadas was living alone because his wife had left him and mother worried about his state. On the way to his uncle’s house, Georgie is chased by some hounds and jumps an eighteen foot wide river to escape. This is an exciting part of the story and reveals Georgie’s bravery.


When the new people come things are wonderful because they love animals. On moving day, Father almost gets run over, and the people put up a sign that says “Drive Carefully on Account of Small Animals.” Willie, the field mouse, also hears that they are planting a garden.


Then a disaster happens. Little Georgie gets run over by a car. The people bring him inside their house and try to heal him. Georgie’s mother was so sad that she took to her bed, and all of the animals wept over the loss of Little Georgie. Hope is brought back when Willie sees Georgie through the window of the house with casts on his hind legs.


Meanwhile, the people have a contraption built outside. There is a fight between the animals on what it will be. On Midsummer’s Eve, the people come out and sit on a bench near the contraption. All of the animals watch in wonder. When the man uncovers it the animals discover it is a fountain statue. They learn it is a fountain for the animals. On the rim is a feast for the animals. To their surprise, at that moment, Little Georgie jumps off of the lady’s lap and runs over to the animals fully healed.


This is where the story ends.


I liked this book because I love animals. There was adventure and anxiety. Little Georgie is always a happy character and cheers up the scene.


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Snow Treasure (Marie McSwigan)


Snow Treasure

By Marie McSwigan

This is a book report on Snow Treasure.  The genre of the story is realistic fiction.  This story is about children in Norway who risk their lives during World War II by sledding past Nazi Soldiers with gold bullion hidden on their sleds.  I found this story very exciting to read.


The story takes place in a small village in Norway.  The main character is Peter.  Some other characters are, Peter’s uncle, Uncle Victor. Uncle Victor owns the boat that brings all of the gold to America.  This story is full of adventure.  Some major events are when Peter is captured by German soldiers and has to be rescued. Another event is when they capture a German soldier and find out he’s Polish and wants to go to America.  One big part is when they fear it is going to rain and melt all of the snow!  Another big part is when the doctor pretends there is a disease in the town and is questioned by a German doctor and says he should go check it out.


I enjoyed this book because I love adventure.  The author was successful in describing everything well so I could understand it.  The writing was easy to read.  The author’s main point was to show how much courage the characters had.  I would definitely recommend this book because it is full of adventure and history.


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Ben and Me (By Robert Lawson)


Ben and Me

This is a book report on Ben and Me written and illustrated by Robert Lawson in 1939.

0316517305This story written from a mouse’s perspective, and its about a friendship between Benjamin Franklin and Amos, the mouse. Throughout the book, Ben’s inventions are inspirations by Amos. One time he says historians are puzzled by the way Ben knows what’s going on in other’s minds, but it’s really thanks to Amos.

The most important part of the book is the relationship.  First of all, the mouse, Amos, is able to speak to Ben, as he calls him, but nobody else can understand him.  They meet on a cold night, when Amos finds Ben writing by firelight.  They become instant friends.  Through the many adventures of Benjamin Franklin’s life, Amos is there with him.  Ben wears an old fur cap and Amos rides along in it all the time.  In most of the adventures, Amos gives advice to Ben.  Amos even says that while people would say that Ben could read other people’s minds, it was really Amos who was telling him their thoughts.

One important part of an inspiration is when Amos tells Ben that in the church he used to live in, there was a nut seller. When a nut dropped, Amos’s father would bring it to the church for the warmth and the family could sit around it. This gave Ben the idea for the Franklin Stove that sits in the middle of a room. Another important part is when Ben goes to France to ask the French for help to win the fight for freedom. There, Amos meets a lady mouse whose children are captured in the Palace of Versailles. Amos fights the white mice of the palace and reunites the mice family in America.  This is important because it connects Amos and Ben in a fight for freedom.

I liked this book because I like to invent things, like Ben, and I love animals, like Amos.



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I love to read!  I read a book about Robert Fulton.  It told of his childhood and how he first got the idea of paddle wheels.  He said he had a workshop in the barn.  I decided to make a workshop of my own!  I worked like mad.  Recently, I made a model airplane and a runway.  I haven’t tested it yet because of the weather, but I will soon!  I enjoy making electric things.  Lately I made a telegraph with my dad and Grandpa.  It worked.  When I am older I want to make a cure for cancer.  I’m like Robert Fulton!

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A Paragraph of Writing


“Hello,” said Bob.

“Hi,” said Billy.

“Welcome to Ohio,”

“Thank you. How are you?”

“Fine thank you.”


Do you think this paragraph is written well?

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