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Rabbit Hill


This is a book report on the book Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson written in 1944. Rabbit Hill is a fictional book about animals living in Connecticut in the 1940’s.


The story takes place when little Georgie, a rabbit and the main character, comes running into the burrow telling his father and mother that new folks are coming to live in the deserted house on the lot. The little animals had experienced a long time with an empty house. They liked people’s gardens, which meant no food for them.


Before the new people arrive, Little Georgie is sent to bring his Uncle Analadas to his house. Uncle Analadas was living alone because his wife had left him and mother worried about his state. On the way to his uncle’s house, Georgie is chased by some hounds and jumps an eighteen foot wide river to escape. This is an exciting part of the story and reveals Georgie’s bravery.


When the new people come things are wonderful because they love animals. On moving day, Father almost gets run over, and the people put up a sign that says “Drive Carefully on Account of Small Animals.” Willie, the field mouse, also hears that they are planting a garden.


Then a disaster happens. Little Georgie gets run over by a car. The people bring him inside their house and try to heal him. Georgie’s mother was so sad that she took to her bed, and all of the animals wept over the loss of Little Georgie. Hope is brought back when Willie sees Georgie through the window of the house with casts on his hind legs.


Meanwhile, the people have a contraption built outside. There is a fight between the animals on what it will be. On Midsummer’s Eve, the people come out and sit on a bench near the contraption. All of the animals watch in wonder. When the man uncovers it the animals discover it is a fountain statue. They learn it is a fountain for the animals. On the rim is a feast for the animals. To their surprise, at that moment, Little Georgie jumps off of the lady’s lap and runs over to the animals fully healed.


This is where the story ends.


I liked this book because I love animals. There was adventure and anxiety. Little Georgie is always a happy character and cheers up the scene.


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