Snow Treasure (Marie McSwigan)

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Snow Treasure

By Marie McSwigan

This is a book report on Snow Treasure.  The genre of the story is realistic fiction.  This story is about children in Norway who risk their lives during World War II by sledding past Nazi Soldiers with gold bullion hidden on their sleds.  I found this story very exciting to read.


The story takes place in a small village in Norway.  The main character is Peter.  Some other characters are, Peter’s uncle, Uncle Victor. Uncle Victor owns the boat that brings all of the gold to America.  This story is full of adventure.  Some major events are when Peter is captured by German soldiers and has to be rescued. Another event is when they capture a German soldier and find out he’s Polish and wants to go to America.  One big part is when they fear it is going to rain and melt all of the snow!  Another big part is when the doctor pretends there is a disease in the town and is questioned by a German doctor and says he should go check it out.


I enjoyed this book because I love adventure.  The author was successful in describing everything well so I could understand it.  The writing was easy to read.  The author’s main point was to show how much courage the characters had.  I would definitely recommend this book because it is full of adventure and history.


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