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Remember my post about the dice?  So my dad said, “ok so how many times can you role the number two?” “Hmm? Once?” “Correct. Now how many times can you role three?” “Twice!” “Correct. Now four.” “Three times.” I said. “Correct again. Now five.” “Four times!” So the number kept raising upuntil my dad said, “How many times with eight?” “Seven.” “Think again. Lower.” “Six?” “Correct!” Then the number kept lowering till the end. “Then my dad said, “Which number can be rolled the most?” “Seven!” I shouted! “Now,” said dad, “if I rolled the dice 1thousand times it would look like a ramp. Roll the dice and I’ll tick mark the number you roll. So we did. It wasn’t perfect but it looked like a ramp!

Learning is so fun, isn’t it?

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  • Julia

    I love it! Thats so cool!

    08/02/14 – 4:29 am

  • Guy the Dad

    This was a super fun lesson. I remember how fast you picked it up. You will be a teacher some day.

    08/02/14 – 4:19 pm

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