I like writing stories, painting in art class, animals, and making movies.  I am always excited to see the extras to a movie, to see how they made it, (especially cartoons!)  I love writing stories, in fact, I have started forty stories and never published, or even finished, a story!  Art is a fun hobby, and I love our art program, the art workshop.  I love animals.  I try to get other people to share my love for them.  My cat, Kitty, is my special companion.  I am one of the people she likes best, except for my mom.  Then, (a special add-on) I LOVE inventing.  Most of the day I am in my workshop making an airplane, a manger scene anything!  Even a telegraph!  I am interested with Benjamin Franklin and Tomas Edison.  I read books on them a lot.

Well, enjoy my blog!  Check out for any new posts coming soon!


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